Bakasana: The Crane Yoga Pose

The Baka is a Sanskrit word, meaning the crane. While doing the Bakasana, or Vakasana, our body looks like a crane. So it is named like this.

How to Do Bakasana

This yoga postures is an easy one. We can do it in three steps.

Step One

Come in sitting position keeping the soles on the yoga mat. Ensure that there is enough distance between two knees. Now put both the palms on and set the knees so as they come at the level of your elbows.

Step Two

In the second step, you are to bend your torso forward for lifting both the legs upward balancing the whole body on the palms only. While remaining so in this position, keep looking in the front side. Here the Bakasan is complete, and you will look like the figure in the image.

Third Step

To return in the original position, first place the soles on the yoga met or on the ground. Here the posture is complete.

Benefits of Doing Bakasan The Crane Posture

1. It provides good stretch to the arms and the nearby muscles.

2. The area of chest becomes strong due to stretching of the muscles.


Care should be taken to keep the neck forward while doing the posture. Those who suffer from the lumbar spondilitis or any other problem in neck or back should do this in presence of a trained yoga teacher. The beginners should not remain for more time in this position. While you are in Bakasana, your body is in balance. Entire weight of the body comes on just two palms. So you should be careful in balancing your body. After a good practice, it would be easy for you to do the Crane Posture without difficulties. [Image Courtesy By Trev M (My work) [GFDL or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Commons ]

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