YOGA POSTURES: How To Do Corpse Pose, Shavasana


The activities of mind keeps us away from concentrating on the body. The functions of our body remain unnoticed. For most of the time, we are in the state of ignorance about our body. Do we notice at any time of the day that where our head is or where our legs are? Perhaps not. The Corpse Pose, Savasana, would revert us to the very feel of our body. It would virtually throw us on our body.

How to Do Corpse Pose, the Shavasana

· Get your yoga met fully unfolded and then lie just flat on your back. Legs would be straight and together but not touching each other. The position of the arms would be also straight with palms facing the ceiling.

· Do relax all the facial muscles and start taking breaths slowly and deeply. The closed eyes help in concentrating on the posture.

· Relaxation is the prime goal of Savasana. So start relaxing your body. When we pay attention to any of our limb, that limb feels some rest. So start relaxing from the head area and then travel through the whole body downward.

· Once you are aware of whole of your body, you would be in Corpse Pose in full. Remaining in this posture for five to ten minutes would be better. You can prolong this posture as long as you wish, as this asanas would never give your fatigue.

Cautions: In initial period, you would find to get your body so relaxed in whole. But by practicing this pose for one week or so, it would be easier to get all the limbs in relaxed mode. Another difficulty the beginners would find is the sleepiness. In fact there is nothing wrong into sleep, if your do this posture for getting a good sleep. If you want to remain awake and avoid the sleepiness, your can make the pace of your breathing a little faster. I would prevent you from slipping in to the sleep.

Benefits: This posture gifts us with multiple benefits of relaxing our whole body and keeping our mind alert. Corpse Pose is practiced at beginning and end of every yoga session. This makes you energetic to enter the yoga session in the beginning. At the end of the session, Savasana would get your away from all the fatigue that your doing of other postures might have generated. (Image Courtesy By Joseph RENGER[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons)

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