YOGA POSTURES: Pavanamukta Asana, Wind Releasing Posture

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Pavanmukta Asana, Wind Releasing pose

The word Pavanmuktasana is comprised of three Sanskrit words. First is ‘Pavan (wind)’, the second is ‘Mukta (release), and the third is ‘asana’. Full meaning of the word is ‘a posture that helps releasing wind or gas (from our body). It is named like this because this yoga pose helps in releasing the gases from intestines.

How to Do Pavanmuktasana

There are many yoga postures which are easy to do. The beginners can start doing this. This asana is one of the easiest poses. No one would find it difficult. However it gives much benefit to us. Here it is shown how this pose is done. The instructions are step by step.

  • First lie down on the floor. You can use yoga mat or simple cloth to put below your body. While lying down your legs should be straight.
  • Inhale and take hold of your leg with both of the palms. Palms should be below the knees. This will make your one leg half bent on your body.
  • Lift up your head and try to get your knee near to your head. It would be better if your can make your nose-tip touching the knee. At this moment release your breath and try to keep your leg near to your abdomen.
  • Remain in this pose for ten seconds.
  • Stretch your leg in its original position. Take a deep breath and rest for twenty seconds. After that you can repeat the same action by holding another leg with your palms.
  • You can repeat this pose as many times as you wish.

Benefits of Doing Pavanmuktasana

If you practice this asana regularly, you would find it helping in regulating the movement of the gases present in body. It would be good if you do this pose in early morning. Remember that this pose is to be done before taking any food. The stomach should be empty.

  • As its name suggests, this yoga posture helps in regulating and releasing the wind/gas in our body. It would eliminate the unnecessary gases from our intestines.
  • It stretches our intestines. This helps in making our bowel function regular. If a person suffers from, he or she would be greatly helped.
  • Those who suffer from acidity would get relief.
  • Doing Pavanmuktasana helps in relaxing the whole body. It relaxes the muscles of our lower back. The muscles of hands and legs get good exercise.
  • Above all this asana keeps us fit and helps in reducing extra fat deposited in our body. Thus it works as weight reducing tool, too. (Image courtesy By http://theholisticcare.com [CC-BY-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons)

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