Yoga Postures: Remedy For Sciatica Pain, The Sciatica Yoga

WHAT IS SCIATICA: Sciatica is caused due to compression of the nerves of spinal cord. There are total five nerves attached with spinal cord. If any of these nerves is slightly compressed at its root attached with the spinal cord for any reason or is irritated, we feel acute pain. Those who suffer from sciatica would know how painful it is. We would feel unbearable pain in the areas of buttocks, legs and lower parts of back. Pregnant women should do these poses after consulting their trained Yoga Teacher.

Maha Bhjangasana

YOGA REMEDY FOR SCIATICA: In addition to other remedies, doctors advise their patients suffering from sciatica to undergo certain stretching exercises. It helps improving elasticity of muscles. In the system of yoga, too, remedy for the pain caused by sciatica is devised. Doing yoga posture for such pain is an age-old tradition, but the modern technique of ailments also conform positive aspects of doing yoga exercises. Yoga poses help in decreasing the pain and get control over movement of the damaged muscle. Here are some yoga postures, which are generally suggested for the persons who suffer from sciatica pain. However a patient should take proper advice from his or her physician; and the following yoga postures should be done only in the presence of a trained yoga teacher.

Raja sarvangasana

Sarvangasana: This posture is also called Shoulder Stand Pose. This pose can be done after some practice of doing yoga only. The beginners should avoid remaining for more than ten seconds in this pose. It may cause minor pain in neck.

Shoulder Stand Pose

Shoulder Stand Pose is the posture that is classified as "Inverted Poses". This posture is devised under the system of yoga named Hath Yoga. This would give adequate stretch to the waist and make blood being circulated in every vein from top to bottom. Those who suffer from sciatica should know that their pain would not be reduced immediately. it can take some time. So during this time, it should be ensured that the weight of body remains in control.

Sirsasana Head Stand Posea: This posture is called Head Stand Pose, too. For the beginners, this posture would be a little bit difficult. It would also help us to get relief from back pain or pain in leg and thigh muscles. Regular practice of this posture, especially done in morning time, would help us getting relief from back pain and pain in leg and thigh muscles. This posture allows the blood to flow more towards the head area. So it would help in increasing our memory power, too.

Pavanmuktasana , The Wind Releasing Posture: This posture is also called 'Wind Releasing Pose. A person suffering from Sciatica would be benefited by doing this pose. It would reduce pain of the muscles and paining veins. But the patients of sciatica must do this posture only in presence of a trained teacher.

There are many other postures, too, which can be helpful in reducing the pain in sciatica. But most of them are advised to be done in the presence of a trained yoga teacher. The doctors advise certain yoga poses for stretching exercises. The following are some of these postures which are generally recommended.

If the body of a patient is already over-weight, he or she should take extra care of the same. The above mentioned yoga postures would also help in reducing the weight of the body, too. Most of the poses would help in burning the extra fat deposited on various limbs of body. Regular practice of doing yoga postures keeps our body active and well-balanced in every respect. (Images courtesy By Marcocarvalho [CC-BY-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons) (Image at top courtesy By Marcocarvalho [CC-BY-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons)

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