YOGA: Lose Weight and Burn Stress by Yoga Postures and Ayurvedic Solutions

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Yoga Asanas

Yoga is an ancient system of keeping body and mind healthy. It is practiced in India since seven thousand of years. The Asthanga Yoga and the System known as Patanjalee Yoga is some of the well know set of Yoga Postures. The beginners might be in dilemma about the benefits they might be getting by practicing the Yoga Asanas. Here are some basic primary advantages that a practitioner of yoga postures would expect to have.

It is needless to add that the yoga postures are not only the set of physical exercises. The postures are devised to deliver more than that. The yoga asanas are one of the best successful devices used to decrease the mental stress. With reducing the level of stress, a yoga can help augmenting the strength of our mind to focus more. Practice it and found it yourself.

The lack of physical work and dieting habit can be a good cause for our body fat to accumulate on the limbs wherever it likes. This deposits of fat leads us to obesity and scores of other problems. The regular doers of yoga postures have found that the body weight remains control due to doing a set of selected yoga asana. (Image courtesy By Marcocarvalho [CC-BY-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons)


There can be no better factor than our good health that could make us looking fit and in good shape. The yoga practices provide us opportunity to render ourselves healthy and remain always in good shape. While doing yoga you would not need any exercising machines or any costly gadgets for physical fitness. You can have one yoga mat, one or two pair of yoga wears and a place where you can feel at home. For the beginners it would be better to start from doing the easy yoga postures.

Overweight waistline

Aurvedic Solutions For Weight Loss

Those who have put on more weight than the idea level keep two things in their minds: first obesity and second the weight loss. Once suffering form the difficulties of over weight a person wanders in every lane suggested by the doctors. Even they tend to follow the methods used by their friends and relatives for reducing the weight.

Overweight man's waistline

The Problem of Obesity: A person engages herself or himself in certain activities: experimenting with all the methods of weight loss; taking food intakes as suggested by doctors and other experienced persons; doing regularly exercises and what not. But when the result is not visible on the body of self, he or she get much disappointed. But I would say that, my dear friend, you are not only person suffering problem of being over weight.

Reasons for Fat Deposits
: I am not here to suggest any addition measure to arrest the increasing fat on your body. I have some experience, personal and heard from those who have succeeded partially in this field. Here are some methods suggested in Ayurved.
According to allopathic branch of ailment and Ayurvedic studies, the obesity occurs when excess fat builds up. This excess fat buildup is caused when a person consumes more calories in one day than that person is able to burn off. In men, the fats usually begins to form around the stomach area, and in women, the fat usually forms around the waste area. (Image courtesy By Aspen04[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons)

Here are Some Ayurvedic Suggestions for improving the digestion power and thus arresting the obesity:
  • Keep sipping hot water throughout the day.
  • Exercise regularly according to your body type.
  • Observe fast for one day per week and take liquids of fruits as food intakes.
  • Cultivate taking tea with ginger or use more ginger in food or as mouth freshener.
  • Consult Ayurvedic practitioner
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