YOGA POSTURES: Rája Sirshasana, Head Stand Posture

Raja shirshasana
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This postures are named as the Inverted postures. It is because while doing this poses we have to render body in inverted means in reverse of the natural order. Our head remains up and the feet on the floor. whereas in these poses, we are to keep our feet upward and the head on the floor. In one of its variation, the head is placed touching on the floor with the feet, too, touching the floor. One can start doing this pose which is called Raj Grivasana, the head stand pose-inverted position.

Rája Sírshásana - Inverted position , Head Stand Posture
(Image Courtesy Man By Marcocarvalho [CC-BY-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons)

As in this poses, the head remains downward, hence the flow of the blood towards out head and mind increases considerably. This helps in making our memory sharp. Every one can do this pose, but in the initial period, one should take guidance from a trained yoga instructor. Once you are accustomed to do head stand Pose, you would not need any help in future.

Rája Grivásana

Raja grivasana
Rája Grivásana - Inverted position preparation, Head Stand Posture (Image Courtesy By Marcocarvalho [CC-BY-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons)

For the beginner practitioner, it would be easy to keep the feet touching the floor. This would also give you much benefits of doing the Grivasana. The woman who is pregnant should avoid dong this pose during her pregnancy. However, after taking proper advice from her Yoga Teacher, she can do it with due care.

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