What Is Power Yoga

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Yoga has been the companion of those who have preferred spiritual practice. Regular practice of yoga and meditation would positively affect our consciousness and the inner-being. But it has physical advantages or rendering health benefits, too, as it is necessary in modern times. Some of the yoga practitioners see the yoga as health solution provider. They want yoga as a method of exercise. There resulted the system called Power Yoga.

What is Power Yoga

The practitioner is not a yogi here. He or she uses the yoga postures of Ashtang Yoga system for extensive exercise. Keeping the pace of doing postures a little bit faster than usual, they concentrate on infusing strength and flexibility into the body of practitioners. Integrating the breathing, creating tension and letting our body relaxing by various movement, this system of yoga makes itself suitable for catering to the needs of our body.

How Power Yoga Works

There institutions which modify some of the postures or yoga or their speed to match the needs of their clients. But the basics remain the same. They concentrate on the movements between poses while doing postures and let the doer to regulate the pace of breathing in a specific manner.

It is different from usual form of yoga as it would almost test the level of endurance of the doer while he or she is performing the difficult process or situation. It is because the doer is required to hold a difficult pose for a longer period.

Benefits of Doing Power Yoga

It is in now way different form ordinary yoga postures. All the benefits of doing regular yoga would be availed by this system, too. In addition to this, the practitioner would get a good work-out after doing the poses of power yoga.

The physical strength of the doer is at test in this system. So he or she would feel physically fit after doing it for a certain period. It challenges the endurance level of our body; so after completion of a long session of power yoga, we may feel more focused and invigorated. The latent energy of our body would be recharged and we might feel rejuvenated. The excessive sweating would remove toxins from the body.

Yoga is a healing therapy, too. But many practitioners would take it as a tool for keeping themselves healthy and physically fit. They may not be facing any health problem; but they approach the yoga for remaining as healthy as they are. Power yoga is one of the solutions for such a class of yoga lovers.

Power Yoga Classes

There are many classes providing guidance about yoga in general and power yoga in particular. the working or every class may differ lightly or substantially from each other. But their main objective is to provide the fitness based services to the participants. They model their teaching or coaching on the yoga postures of Ashtang yoga. They would instruct the participants to act keeping individual needs and health in focus.

It is better to practice power yoga postures in open ground or on terrace, as lot of seating would occur. The sweat absorbing clothes would be better for wearing while doing postures, as it would involve much breathing and result in more seating. [Image at the top courtesy Flickr , [Image, Vajra Bhujangasana, courtesy Wikimedia Commons]

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