Sex and Tantra Yoga : Exercise in Increasing Vital Energy

For yoga the sex and sexual desire have never been a taboo. Instead there are techniques devised by yoga masters, which help us to get our body keeping healthy and making stronger. The overall health is certainly would raise the body power and resultantly the strength to enjoy the act satisfying sexual desire also increases.

It has been believed by the yoga masters that sexual health also can be improved by practicing the yoga. The Tantra Yoga is the branch of Yoga that deals with interrelationship between Yoga and sex. In our life what we lack is the experiencing the powerful sexual orgasm. Instead every loving couple should have the deep experience; and it is their right also to feel multiple orgasms. Happening of such intense orgasm would stimulate certain glands and increase the vital power of the body. Tantra Yoga Helps in doing so.

Tantra and Sex

Abstinence is also a part of teachings of yoga masters of the past. But these masters also acknowledge the importance of healthy sex in the human life. Tantra believes that the human body is divine and no act of it should be branded as disrespectful. Moreover the act of sex is a natural expression of the love for one’s beloved partner.

Tantra techniques are comprised of three co-related aspects: These are based on yoga postures, rhythm of breathing, and meditation. In combination, these devices create a balanced body in respect of the power and a capacity to deploy the energy when it is necessary. All types of loss of energy are avoided. The conserved and created energy would work positively.

How Tantra Affects Human Body

The religions of the world have made the se a taboo. Most of the religious heads preach against it. It has led to the unnatural suppression of the desire. But the Tantra Yoga does not believe in suppressing the natural flow. Instead the tantric methods educate us about how to prolong the corporeal act, the sexual activities done by desiring couple, and experience the blissful state our being. The prolonging of sexual act would naturally result in increase of joy and the final orgasm.

It is experienced by many yoga disciples that the Tantra practices helps feeling orgasm, and in turn the orgasm helps decreasing the level of depression. The presence of continuous depression could result in early signs of aging like the showing of the age on the face through the creases. Thus the knowledge of Tantra could help reducing the pace of aging, too.

Kundalini and Tantra Yoga

The masters of Tantra yoga advocate that sexual energy is resides in human body in the form of biochemical concentration. This energy is in human body in the form of a coil that is known as Kundalini. But it remains mostly in a dormant state. It can be awakened or raised to a considerable level by practicing Tantra yoga or Kundalini yoga. The increased energy could be used not only for the physical growth but for the spiritual growth, too.

If any person, a man or a woman, has lower energy and feels let down while indulging in the very act, he or she would feel loss of self-esteem. They might develop other psychological problems related with the man and woman relationship, too. The solution rests in increase the sexual drive and the augmentation of the passion for it. The Tantra practices would help in this aspect. [Image courtesy By Marcocarvalho (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

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