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If you search web for the yoga and how to do yoga postures you would find numerous links. We are not to add here one of the links. Here it is tried to give a short index of the articles which would let the yoga seekers to know the fundamentals of yoga and how the different types of yoga poses are done. These articles are written in the most possible simple manner so it can help those who wants to know about yoga in nutshell.


Here are some yoga systems which are important. However there are very sight differences in these systems. Practicing of all the systems would benefit the practitioners of yoga.

ASHTANGA YOGA: Various Schools Teaching yoga

4godhapitham (l‘iguane)This system of yoga asanas is devised by Patanjali. It is believed to be as old as 5000 years. Perhaps the most beneficial of all other yoga system, ashtanga yoga comprises eight fold path for those who want to practice it. These eight aspects through which a yogi, a desirous person to walk on the path of yoga, travels is like this: Yama , Niyama, Asana, (yoga postures), Pranayama (breathing technique), Prayahara (withdrawal of senses), Dharana, Dhyan (meditation), and Samadhi (salvation).

Sun Salutation Pose (Suryanamaskar)

Yoga postures are various positions of our body. But these postures or Asanas are not only the position given to body. In addition of providing good exercise to our body, yoga postures provide us with opportunities to create or it is an attempt synthesizing our mind and body. It is just like a fusion of human mind and physical strength.

The regular practice of doing the yoga postures could render us with more awareness towards the exact relationship between our mind and body. After ding this exercises for a period, one might start feeling that his or her body moves with balance and grace, her or his mind functions with mental and physical balance. Thus the yoga asanas are not merely a collection of exercises or the sets of physical activities, but it is the system that is developed and time to time refined over the ages.

Yoga Schools: There are certain schools of teaching yoga and yoga asana. These schools are not the water tight compartments teaching different yoga postures, but they use different techniques, and their goal is common. These schools are not different from each other in many respects, and they are or have been recognised as part of one another in different times, too.

If ware to look at a few yoga schools teaching the yoga in the various ways, the first we would remember would be Ashtanga Yoga. (Image courtesy By Joseph RENGER [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-SA-2.5-2.0-1.0], from Wikimedia Commons)

HATHA YOGA: Postures With Meditation and Pranayama

The system known as Hatha yoga combines physical postures, along with upholding the necessity of moral attitudes that a human being should have. It is a holistic approach helping to reduce our mental stress. The practice of these yoga postures increase the overall well-being of our body and mind.

TANTRA: Joining Us With The Cosmic Energy

We have the unfathomable potential of the the psychic power. Tantra teaches us certain techniques using and practicing which we can experience our maximum potentials.

KUNDALINI: Awakening of Chakras and Cosmic Energy

The vital energy running through a coil that starts from our genital area and ends at head is known as Kundalini. The great thinkers and yoga teachers say that it is psycho energy. The yoga master tell us that is spiritual one. In short Kundalini is psycho-spiritual power.

Our food is very much important in shaping the quality of our thoughts. Yoga system strongly believes and advocates that our mental development and spiritual uplift is linked with the food we consume. India is the birth place of many system of yoga and yoga postures. Here you would find a yoga training school and a pool of trained yoga teachers. [Image courtesy By Marcocarvalho (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

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Its is true that regular practise of the yoga poses makes a good relation ship with your mind and your body.after doing yoga you will feet fit and healthy and this is a sign of a physically and mentally fir person.Yoga can help you in recovering your mental strength depending upon which Types of Yoga you like to do or want to do.