Tantra: Joining With Cosmic Energy

Buddha in Sarnath Museum (Dhammajak Mutra)What is Tantra

Definition of Tantra is given in many scriptures and books of yoga, in various ways and different words. In simple words Tantra is a technique that could generate psychic power in our body. Tantra teaches us certain techniques and principles which enable us to experience the unfathomable potential of the human mind and the psychic power. This power is enables us to experience the ultimate bliss. It also guides how the non-erotic sexual union of man and woman could result in the experience of the universe that is beyond ourself.

Buddha in Sarnath Musium

Drawing on Divine Energy

The seeker of Tantra Yoga believes that universe is the projecting of divine energy. And the whole universe is a stock of cosmic power; and that cosmic energy is within every one of us. In order to feel this cosmic energy, we are required to activate it from its dormant position. Tantra coupled with yoga poses tries to join the limited energy of human with the unlimited cosmic energy of the universe.

Kundalini and Chakra

The seeker of Trantra takes the help of concept of Kundalini that is known as the dormant power embedded into human body in the form of a female serpent. The Kindalini travels through seven Chakras. These Chakras are clusters of glands located in our body parallel to the spinal cord. They are named as Muladhar, Swadhistan, Manipur, Anahat, Visudha, Anja and the last one is Sahastrar. As the Kudalini rises with our yogic efforts, the Chakras get activated one by one.


Another devices used by Tantric practitioner is the chanting of Mantras. These are the verses to chant while doing any religious acts or performing yoga. Tantra seeker would also chant specific verses. The above-mentioned chakras are envisioned as lotus having fifty outgoing petals. Each of these petals represents our desires, instincts and longings for worldly things. The words and humming of chanting create effects on each of these petals. This helps in awakening the power of Kundalini. And once the energy awakens and reaches at a particular chakra, the petals are pierced and conscious becomes clear and clearer. The energy flows from downward to upward, starting from the genitals to the head.

Buddhism and Tantra

Buddhism also recognizes the existence of hidden energy in our body. Buddha himself had professed the importance of joining our body with the cosmic energy. The Mandala s devised by Buddhism try to depict correlation of our individual energy and cosmic energy. Both the Vedic scriptures and Buddhism believes that Tantra is union of three forces: the physical energy of human body, the cosmic energy and the ultimate power the Divine energy.

Tantra Yoga

It is believed that the corporeal act have three distinct purposes. To procreate for keeping the human race alive, to feel pleasure while doing the act, and to get the liberation. Tantra Yoga deals with the third object, the liberation of soul by taking the help of physical acts done together by a man and a woman in their intimate moments. By practicing Trantra Yoga one tries to re-integrate with what is beyond our form, the body. The awakened mind and upward going energy of ours would lead us to the universal energy, the life that is larger than ours. This is done by practicing yoga postures, meditation and Tantric practices.

Tantra and Sex

The Shiva and Shakti is worshiped as the God of love. The concept of Shiva and shakti has nothing to do with any religion. It is human nature of man and woman, sometimes depicted as Ardhnariswar, meaning half man and half woman. Tantra uses this concept to make us feeling the hidden energy within our body and enlighten us to a higher stage of being.

Shiva Shakti

Sexual energy is the main source of power in our body. Tantra Yoga includes the concepts wherein it is believed that the sexual act done under specific condition would show us the path to the spiritual enlightenment. Such act done focuses on the concentration of body, mind and spirit with the desire to achieve the ultimate liberation. The sex has the potentiality to lead us to the super consciousness. Our energies are hidden. We can awaken it and use the same energy for the spiritual purposes. If we can awaken the Kundalini, this could be done. The Kundalini is based at Muladhar Chakra, the point that is near to our genitals. The sexual act if done without lust and erotic passion could help awakening of the Kundalini from its base to upward locations. When there is no lust; there is no hurry in the corporeal act. With co-operation of both man and woman the act can be delayed and the energy can be experienced by the man and the woman.

Once the energy starts flowing upward, it enlarges our consciousness and generates many positive signs of spiritual progress. While doing the sexual act as per the Tantric norms we would experience the unknown bliss. Once we start feeling the energy, we would start to believe that the human body and the universe are not two aspects. We are connected with the whole universe by way of the common string of the cosmic energy. [Images courtesy: Top By พระมหาดร.คมสรณ์ คุตตธมฺโม (ผู้ถ่าย-ปล่อยสัญญาอนุญาตภาพให้นำไปใช้ได้เพื่อการศึกษาโดยอยู่ภา่ยใต้ cc-by-sa-3.0) (พระมหาดร.คมสรณ์ คุตตธมฺโม)[see page for license], from Wikimedia Commons , See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons]

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