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Theme: Yoga Asanas and Food. Eat Vegetarian Food for Health

Vegetarian Diet

Yoga systems do not advise you to starve yourself on 'bellow the poverty line diet', which is sometimes termed as Hollywood Diet, too. Our food is very much important in shaping the quality of our thoughts. Yoga system strongly believes and advocates that our mental development and spiritual uplift is linked with the food we consume. So there are theories in Yoga system and Ayurved, the ancient system of healing, narrating how the purity of the diet helps us becoming peaceful and spiritually aware. There are three types of food. One is food that makes us unhealthy; second is food that gives us nourishment and health. The super food is the fruits that gives us mental peace..

Yoga and Diet: When you are practicing Yoga Asanas, you have decided to have all the benefits available by doing so. Therefore the diet should be devised in such a way that it augments the benefits of yoga practices. The composition of diet should be balanced and the quality vegetarian, as yoga denies any kind of violence. The food arrived through the process of killing another souls on the earth could not help our wellness, that is what yoga believes.

Here is some information about the vegetarian food that would help making our body and mind in balance.
  • The vegetables of all the kinds (except onion and garlic) and the sweet fruits are essential.
  • Grain like wheat, rice and oats must be used, especially not in very much powdered form.
  • Cereals and all types of milk products; and the natural sugar taken in form of Honey and sweet fruit would be better.
  • It would be advisable not to consume non-vegetarian food like meat and seafood.
  • Lesser intake of fried and intensely boiled food should be avoided.
  • If it is possible take only the natural substances in your diet, and avoid the unnatural like processed food and artificial colours.
  • These are general guide lines; you can devise your plate according to your choice and availability.
Yoga Retreats in India

Yoga retreats are the centres where you will find residential facilities with training of yoga. In India you would find various types and sizes of yoga retreats catering to your needs and desires. Mostly these retreats concentrate their attention on the matters of teaching the yoga postures, pranayam, and meditation. Living comfortably is also a part of yoga theory. So in such retreats you would find the living comfortable.

India is founder of the yoga system. From the days of ancient universities of Nalanda and Taxila (Taxshila), the knowledge about yoga and meditation are imparted here with authenticate spiritual dedication. It is said that the silence is the language of God. In a well-managed yoga centre, you would be able to hear that language, sitting in the atmosphere of peace and quietness enabling you to submerge into yourself.

In modern day India, too, the teaching of yoga is continued with same dedication with which it was done in ancient time of Aryan saints and medieval yoga gurus. Many of the retreats emphasize the lifestyle of ashram during the sessions of yoga teaching. The persons working in such institutes or facilities are mostly well-trained in the field of yoga poses and meditation.

How the Retreats Help Learning Yoga

Yoga is known as the journey for knowing the self; it is like a trip to discover the person living within ourselves. For travelling inside of us, we need an exclusive corner of peace and tranquillity. The yoga retreats situated either on the hills of Himalayas or on the tranquil beaches of India would provide you the space you need. You would find a nice place around Hrishikesh in north India or Goa near Bombay. The retreats situated in Kerala offer the peaceful stay at palm groove beaches. These places open up the possibilities of experiencing the real peace we can have by doing yoga and meditation.

What They Provide in Yoga Retreats

Depending upon the situation and the place of the retreat and the tariffs they charge, the facilities offered to the yoga parishioners could be varied. In most of the retreats, especially near Haridwar and Hrishikesh, the charges would be very economical. Most of the places provide the facilities of food and beverages at cost prices. They charge some fees for the services of trained yoga teacher.

Other Facilities in Yoga Retreats

There are various places catering to the different needs of the person. It includes the services of providing Ayurvedic spa and massaging. Those who want special huts near seashore or under a palm tree will be required to pay extra for the same. These resorts provide all types of yoga accessories like yoga mat, yoga balls. You would find a good gym, too, in some of the resorts. (Image courtesy By MyA [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], from Wikimedia Commons) (Image of Ramjhula, Hrishikesh courtesy By Asis K. Chatterjee [CC-BY-SA-2.0], from Wikimedia Commons)

Cure Diabetes With Determination and Food Therapy

If you are troubled by diabetes, you can plan your diet according to your doctor’s advice. Here are some suggestion that would be helpful in arresting the diabetes.

Arresting the Diabetes With Determination and vegetarian food. You can plan to fight the diabetes with help of yoga and meditation.

Here are some procedures and actions to be taken while we are fighting Diabetes. This are based on the reading from the books and internet and some points are known from the personal talks with the diabetic patients. This is for the general knowledge for those who have diabetic problems or others who are desirous of knpwonmg some raw details about the disease. the care for the diabetese can be divided in the following stages primarily.

Monitoring System: Monitoring the Diabetic Care

Monitoring the Glocose Level: Monitoring glucose levels provides information about the effects of food intake, medication, activity and stress as glucose levels change throughout the day and night. Self-monitoring provides results that are used to determine if an adjustment needs to be made to insulin, other diabetic medications, diet and/or activity to achieve optimal diabetes self-management.
If you're just getting started with insulin injections, or are thinking of making a change in your injection device, you'll want to know all you can about the numerous options from which to choose. But the best option is to follow what your doctor says to you. It is important as your doctor only can be your best guide.

Physical activity: Physical activity is important eapecialy for children with diabetes, who should try doing exercise daily, as that lowers the blood sugar level.

Yoga Therapies : The mental condition of a patient is pivotal in curing any disease. While caring for the diabetes it is not an exception. For keeping body and mind in good condition, there is hardly any alternative to the Yoga and Yoga postures.

In India there are certain Schools and Institutions and Ashrams providing lessons in Yaga Therapies. These Indian Yoga Schools help keeping a patient's body fit. The yoga postures (Yogasanas) that are part of Yoga, are useful in keeping us mentally fit, too. These asanas and Yoga are good for all, whether you are ill or healthy. So whenever you visit India, ot have a plan to travel India, do not miss to include a visit to such Yoga School. (Image Courtesy By Idleguy at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons) (image at top courtesy By voir wikimedia commons "Image:Vegetarian diet.jpg" [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons)

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Thanks for sharing it! It's great! Please let us know if you have special requests for meals and/or allergies we should be aware of. Always have the consent of your medical doctor if you have recently been injured, had surgery or any other potentially hazardous health concern we should be aware of.

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